At Bespoke Estate Agents we have seen a huge surge in demand for properties over the last twelve months. Property prices have risen by 20% in the last year. The fourth quarter of the Daft report 2017 shows that 78% of properties listed currently find a buyer within four months. The market is strong and stable.

Whether you are deciding to put your property on the market or you are curious as to the current market value for your property Bespoke Estate Agents are here to assist, guide and make recommendations throughout the whole process.

1) The Market Value of my home:

Bespoke Estate agents will visit your property, take measurements, survey the surrounding areas and generate a complimentary market valuation report. We will run comparable of similar properties in the area and properties that have been sold and are listed on the property price register.

2) Sales proposal:

Bespoke Estate Agents accompany the market value report with a no obligation sales proposal. From surveying your property and meeting you we are in a position to put forward recommendations on marketing strategies, which include and are not limited to sales boards, sales brochures, online platforms (,,, and professional photography. We explain what is required to put your property on the market such as a BER certificate and what contents if any will be included in the sale.

3) Select a Legal Practitioner / Conveyancer:

At Bespoke Estate Agents we highly recommend selecting a legal practitioner also known as a conveyancer early on in the sales process. They will assist you in all the legal formalities of the sale.

4) Viewings and considering offers:

Bespoke Estate Agents will conduct viewings, field enquiry, negotiate offers and bring these directly to you for consideration. Bespoke Estate Agents act on behalf of you the vendor and as a result we will do our best to get the best offer on your property. However ultimately the decision is that of the vendor. Once an offer has been accepted and the property is ‘sale agreed’ the purchaser will pay a refundable deposit of approx. €10,000. The deposit is held in either Bespoke Estate Agents client account or the Vendor Solicitor’s / Conveyancer’s account. The deposit is refundable until the purchaser has executed the contract of sale. At this point the balance of the 10% deposit is paid.

5) Settlement:

All legal documents and contracts have been signed and the property is transferred to the entity of the purchaser or purchaser’s. Documents include original sales contracts, titles and ownership, certificate of occupancy to name a few.The lending criteria from the central banks has given purchasers confidence in the market and there has not been a better time to sell as there is huge demand from willing and able purchasers.

At Bespoke Estate Agents we are always keen to get all types of properties to put on market and get the best results in the most time efficient way for our clients.

If you’re looking to sell your property, why not get in contact with one of our agents.