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Pressure for interest rate rise as inflation surges Employment growth, the availability of credit and housing supply are key drivers of the Irish residential property market but interest rates also matter. For years now the cost of a mortgage in Ireland has been historically low, both for new and existing borrowers, but that may be…

Quarterly Market Commentary Q3 2021

Three policy changes will affect Irish property market. The Pandemic and associated Lockdowns have exacerbated the underlying long-term problem facing the Irish property market- for years now growth in the housing stock has not kept pace with the rise in population. House completions did recover strongly in the second half of last year but the…

Irish Property Market Q1 2021 update

Market Update Q1 2021

Business and consumer confidence has risen strongly across the developed economies in the early monthsof 2021 on the expectation that the worst of the pandemic is behind us. This is largely driven by the view thata return to a more normal economic environment is much more likely as a result of mass vaccination. The international…