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2020 Q2 Market Commentary

  Many highly paid renters don’t want to buy Ten years ago the Irish housing stock hit 2 million, a new high at the time, before falling  for the next six years, such was the collapse in housebuilding, which failed…

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Landlords, Property, Lettings, Dublin, Airbnb

With new legislation on short term rentals coming to Ireland this year, the property market in Dublin is about to be about to be turned on its head.    Landlords who have made a killing letting their second properties on…

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The Importance of a Sinking Fund

The Importance of a Sinking Fund Section 19 of the Multi-Unit Developments Act 2011 governs the establishment and maintenance of a building investment fund, referred to as a ‘sinking fund’. It is essentially a rainy-day fund with a clear set…

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Rent Pressure Zones

Rent Pressure Zone A rent pressure zone is an area where annual rent increases have been at 7% or more in four of the last six quarters and where the rent levels are already above the national average and in these areas, rent increases will be capped at…

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